Open Source
Culture @Adobe

Adobe & Open Source === ???

  • Employees contribute to OS projects on company time
  • Company sponsors OS events
  • Company OS internal code & is responsible for OS project stewardship

What are the Problems?

Confusing process to contribute to OS

  • Email based process
  • Composed of Legal, Compliance, Patent, Branding
  • Took months to complete

Employees avoided or ignored the process

  • Gave up on existing OS submissions
  • Legal became the "boogyman"
  • Started pushing to GitHub without approval (Big Risk)

Wild West on GitHub

  • 35 Adobe related GitHub Orgs
  • Repos abandoned, issues and PRs ignored

Adobe's Open Source Office

Grow Open Source at Adobe

Starter Repo

Revamped OS Submission Process

New Approvelist and Denylist

Checklist Approval Close Rate (Feb-April 2018)
Form Approval Close Rate (May-July 2018)

... and we're just getting started

Clean up Adobe GitHub Org

  • Removed 100 inactive users
  • Automated onboarding and offboarding
  • Reduce number of Adobe Orgs in the wild

Adobe CLA
Open Development Template

Internal Open Source Summits

OS Awards

  • Top OS Contributor
  • Outstanding Open Source contributor
  • Employee Recognition Program

Communication and Promotion

Executive Buy In Needed

Top 25 company at GitHub

OSS-Contributors project

  • Scan GitHub every month to get company-to-user associations as reported by people's Company field on their GitHub profile
  • We cross-reference that with commit activity on GitHub
  • Original Idea from a blog post by Felipe Hoffa, Developer Advocate at Google

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